Something New: Menu Plan Monday!

As a wife and mother striving to foster peace and goodness in our household, one of my primary jobs is feeding those I love. Food is important. We need food for our body’s nourishment, but food isn’t merely physical, as we all know; it’s social, too. Sharing a meal is an opportunity for fellowship and for strengthening the bonds of family love.

I truly enjoy cooking and baking. I feel so uplifted when I prepare something that my family thoroughly enjoys—something that I know is also healthy and nutritious for them. My mother—God bless her—does not enjoy spending time in the kitchen. So there is a dearth of “family recipes” on her end. Therefore, part of my challenge in preparing scrumptious, nutritious meals is discovering scrumptious, nutritious recipes.

For the past 2 years of marriage, I have been compiling my own collection of favorite recipes for our family. It’s been a good deal of trial and error, but I’m pleased to see how large my collection has grown—and I continually add to it!

Perhaps you, dear reader, are like me and you are also trying to promote peace and goodness in your household, in part by facilitating a mealtime that is delicious and nutritious. I’ve decided to share my weekly menu plan with you! It’s something I do anyway each week and maybe you’ll spy a recipe or two that you would like to add to your rotation of meals.

You’ll probably notice that many of my recipes come from SnoWhite. Her site is amazing and, because of her, I have found plenty of joy in my kitchen (and in my stomach, too!).

Feel free to add any of your favorite recipes, or links to your favorite cooking blogs as well!  If you visit, you’ll find plenty of other menu plans, which are a terrific resource for new recipes.

Menu Plan Monday #1

Monday: Leftovers (L/o) from Sunday (avocado basil pasta, cream of pumpkin soup, fresh pineapple)

Tuesday: easy baked haddock fish fillet, homegrown baked butternut squash, baked red potato, homemade applesauce

Wednesday: L/o

Thursday: tofu fried rice, store-bought vegetable egg rolls, fresh pineapple

Friday: L/o, grapes

Saturday: pepperoni & red pepper stuffed calzones, spinach salad, grapes

Sunday: country style pork with beans & sausage, homegrown baked butternut squash, dinner rolls, cinnamon zucchini cake with gelatto

Breakfast: apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, pumpkin chocolate chip bread

Sunday breakfast: pumpkin waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon

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